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Clem Geo is a private company established in October 2014.  We are focused on building utility scale wind and energy storage facilities and have other initiatives ranging from Solar, Greenhouses, Water Reclamation and Desalination, large scale Energy Storage, Research & Development and Geophysical Services.
The company's current goal is to establish two operational Wind Farms in Alberta, Canada at total 54 MW by 2020.  An additional location will be added as investment or partnership is achieved.

Why Now?
  • Current support at the Local, Provincial and Federal government levels
  • Need to mitigate energy reduction from the coal power industry by 2030
  • Uncertainty and fluctuations in the Oil & Gas Industry cannot support a steady return - much of which is driven by economic factors that are not locally driven or controlled
  • Need to examine new long-term strategies that work for Albertans
Optimize wind farm capability by accessing proven technology with increased and consistent energy output and reduced land footprint to provide optimum ROI.
Currently seeking investment for two stages of development:

Stage 1:  Permits and Approvals (current)
Stage 2:  EPC and Wind Turbine setup (Q4 2018)
Shares now available for purchase.

Phase I: 
  • Assess land leases for wind farm suitability complete
  • Two Landowner contracts complete
  • Explore land position through metering wind at locations and securing permits and approvals (Q2 2017)
  • Secure financing and partnerships
  • Order equipment / wind turbine(s) at the time permits are achieved and wind resource is determined (Q4 2018)
Other considerations are hydro, battery and compressed air energy storage, and commercial solar.

Communication of intentions and business transparency with the community directly affected by the business is of utmost importance to Clem Geo-Energy Corp.
Meeting your energy needs.

Better solutions for your community

Presence at Global Petroleum Show in March 2016.
Attendance at:
Alberta Climate Summit September 2016
KNOVO Awards September 2016
CanWEA conference in Calgary November 2016.
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Business Specialists.
Focus on providing renewable energy alternatives and creating jobs in Alberta
Business Activities

Clem Geo presented at the first ever Calgry WIRE  Event in March 2016.  The topic was How to Get Started in Renewable Energy.
Setting and achieving realistic goals