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Clem Geo is a private company established in October 2014.  We are developing two utility scale wind faclities in Alberta and are working on forming business deals for further developments in Atlantic Canada and Central America.   Our current focus is onshore and offshore wind, pyrolysis (plastic to oil), EV station networks, and sustainable practices and products.  We are supporting Alberta based innovations with the help of our partners, Long Range Energy and Alberta Sustainable Goals Cooperative.

We are collaborating with First Nations groups, business, governments, municipalities and communities to develop well-received projects with a great chance of success.

Looking to the future, we are interested in Clean Water Solutions, Reclamation and Desalination, Solar and Energy Storage, Consulting Services, Sustainable Practices, Plastic Reduction and Research & Development.  Our business includes offsetting high costs of diesel and coal with renewables in our operational plan.
The company's goal is to establish two operational Wind Farms in Alberta, Canada at total 126 MW by 2023.  This relates to powering an estimated 17,000 homes with energy.  in 2018, Clem Geo secured joint venture development partners, ABO Wind AG and ABO Wind Canada for the Nose Hill Wind Farm project.  (

Why Now?
  • New energy solutions are needed to replace coal and high cost diesel to improve air quality.
  • There is increading momentum and support for renewable energy generation and reduced costs, making the technology cost-competitive
  • Need to examine a diversified economy and new long-term strategies that work for Albertans to create jobs, eliminate waste and improve air quality
Optimize wind farm capability by accessing proven and new technologies with increased and consistent energy output and reduced land footprint to provide optimum ROI.
Currently seeking investment and partners for projects at various stages of development. For more information, please call or write to our Investor and Media contact.

Castle Meridian Wind Farm
  • Planning to be shovel ready by Q1 2020.  Seeking investment and PPA partners for construction of wind farm with operational plans by 2021. 

Other considerations for this site is facility developments, such as a greenhouse or dataroom.  This may involve the addition of battery storage and commercial solar.

Nose Hill Wind Farm
Planning to be shovel ready by Q2 2021.  Seeking investment and PPA partners for construction targeted for Q4 2022.

Please see Project page and links for more information.

Communication of intentions and business transparency with the community directly affected by the business is of utmost importance to Clem Geo-Energy Corp.
Meeting your energy needs.

Better solutions for your community

Presence at Global Petroleum Show in March 2016.
Attendance at:
Alberta Climate Summit September 2016
KNOVO Awards September 2016
CanWEA conference in Calgary November 2016.
Global Petroleum Show in March 2017.
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Focus on providing renewable energy alternatives and creating jobs in Alberta
Business Activities

Clem Geo presented at the first ever Calgary WIRE  Event in March 2016.  The topic was How to Get Started in Renewable Energy.
Setting and achieving renewable milestones and goals

Back to Pristine #back2pristine Nature and Improving Air Quality

Change is Necessary

With ever increasing population growth, we need to come up with new solutions, diversifying our economy and creating more jobs.

We are looking for committed partners and investors to make this happen!  Let us know if you are ready to get involved for our future!  As Chris Slubicki says "We can't afford to be wrong".

Thank you for your support!

Charlene Beckie, CEO